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I Am Addicted to Books!

I Am Addicted to Books!

My Name is Becky and I am a biblioholic. What is a biblioholic? Anyone who is addicted to books. I buy them. I collect them. I share them. I read them. I binge read. And I can spend time thinking about what books I need to buy or read next. Do you have an addiction to...

When was the last time you paused for mystery?

When was the last time you paused for mystery?

Mystery abounds where most I seek answers. - Ray Bradbury Recently, I found an article that discussed “mystery” and it started my wheels turning. As usual, I came up with more questions than any answers: What is it? Where is it? Can I touch it? Is it important? What...

What New Beginnings are Happening in Your Life?

What New Beginnings are Happening in Your Life?

After a year of pandemic, are you facing any new beginnings? While beginnings are a regular part of our lives they can overwhelm and excite us. What helps you move through them? I've experienced several major new beginnings in my life. What I've learned through the...

Welcome to my blog, What I know today. I’m in a stage of my life where I asked myself, “What now?”. One of the answers I heard was to pursue writing. My first book, Walking on Sacred Ground, is a memoir about my work as a chaplain in a large trauma hospital. 

With this new venture, I learned two things: I love the writing process, and in the seventy years I’ve been hanging around on this earth, I’ve learned a lot about life, growing, healing, and loving, and I want to share it with others.

A blog seemed the logical place to fulfill both of those (and much better than shouting it out on a downtown street corner). So here I am, starting a new journey. 


My blog's title, What I know today reflects the ebb and flow of our existence, reshaped in both subtle and major ways. What I know now is very different than what I knew and thought yesterday, a year, and even a lifetime ago. I want my blog to reflect that reality of change. 

I’m glad you stopped by, and I hope to see you again. Until then, live fully in the moment – it’s the only guarantee we have.    

"What I knew so clearly yesterday, may change today, because there is an ebb and flow to our existence and is always evolving."

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